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The Jed Jr is designed as the board of choice for urban commuters.

It shares the same high end components as the Jed Dual board. We just use a deck which is more suited to urban environments. It is shorter, at 34.5” however maintains hefty width at 9.5” to ensure you feel secure even at high speeds. The Jed Jr deck is fairly rigid, custom urethane shock absorbing riser pads help to absorb vibration. The deck features the same W concave running through the middle of the deck, however there is an aggressive concave kicktail at the back that cups your back foot. This allows you to turn on a dime, or really wedge your back foot in when accelerating hard.

Top Speed - 38-48km/h (dependant on wheel used)

Power output - 1200w Continuous, 1800w peak

Range- up to 25km

Charge time- 90 minutes (1 hour to 80%)

Weight- 7kg

Standard wheels- Orangatang Kegels 83a

Standard Bearings- Boa Black Belly ceramic bearings

Standard Bushings- Orangatang Nipples, medium

Standard trucks- Caliber 10, Black

Trucks used on drivetrains- 7075-T6 CNC trucks with stainless steel axle

Hardware- Dacromet coated stainless steel

IP rating- IP65