The Jed Board (Dual)

The Jed Board (Dual)

Jed Boards

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Jed Dual

The Jed Dual is created to match the feeling of riding a regular longboard. It features a 42” longboard deck made from vertically laminated bamboo. The Jed dual deck strikes a balance between enough flex to get the most out of the carving experience while being snappy enough to avoid sag in the middle even with heavier riders. The Jed Dual is ideal for those who want to cruise along long stretches of road or paths, and take focus entirely on their ride.

Top Speed - 38-48km/h (dependant on wheel used)

Power output - 1200w Continuous, 1800w peak

Range- up to 25km

Battery- 1* 150wh battery with USB output

Charge time- 90 minutes (1 hour to 80%)

Weight- 7kg

Drivetrain- Dual motor helical gear drive. 

Standard wheels- Orangatang Kegels 83a

Standard Bearings- Boa Black Belly ceramic bearings

Standard Bushings- Orangatang Nipples, medium

Standard trucks- Caliber 10, Black

Trucks used on drivetrains- 7075-T6 CNC trucks with stainless steel axle

Hardware- Dacromet coated stainless steel

IP rating- IP65