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The Jed Board (Dual)

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The Jed Board (Dual) was designed with a true long board feel in mind. Featuring a comfortable and wide 42" long deck and a subtle W concave, you can feel truly locked in when performing tight carves or just cruising.

The vertically laminated deck has a medium flex that helps to absorb cracks and bumps in the terrain you ride over.

Thanks to the Jed Drive's ability to free wheel, you can comfortably kick push the Jed Board.

Top speed 40-44km/hr / 24-27mph (Depending on wheel size).
Deck 42" Vertically laminated bamboo deck with W concave.
Range Up to 25km per charge.
Battery 144Wh Swappable battery with USB-C charging for mobile devices.
Weight 6.4kg / 13.76lb
Wheels Orangatang Kegel 80mm Standard (Purple 83A)
Bushings Orangatang Nipples Standard (Purple Medium)
Bearings Boa Black Belly Ceramic Bearings
Trucks Drive hangar precision 7075-T6 machined with stainless steel insert axle and Caliber 50 degree baseplate. Front truck Caliber II.
Hardware Stainless Steel Screws and Bolts with Corrosion Protection
Power Up to 2000W continuous power (for 60 second bursts)
Drivetrain Dual motor Jed Drive™
Warranty 24 Months Worldwide


The Jed Board (Dual) Overview

24-Month Warranty

We’re that confident. All boards ship with a 24-month end to end warranty.

25km Range

Never worry about a battery again. Ride worry-free, all day long.

40km Per Hour

Whether you prefer to take things fast or slow we have you coverd.

The Deck

The Jed Board decks are made using vertically laminated bamboo construction and reinforced with fibreglass. All our bamboo is sourced from the forests of Hunan. Their constructions gives them a light weight whilst maintaining ultimate strength. Each deck is topped using recycled glass for grip and secured with a water based urethane.

The Battery

The Jed Boards comes with swappable batteries rated at 144Wh, capable of taking you up to 25km/15mi per charge. Thanks to their quick swap you can change batteries in under 10 seconds. Travel is a breeze thanks to our airline certification which allows you to carry up to two batteries onboard with your carry on luggage.

The Wheels

All Jed Boards come with premium urethane made in California. Standard are the Orangatang Kegels, but thanks to the easy to swap Jed Drive™ you can have your choice of wheels from Orangatang Caguama 85mm, all the way up to the huge Boa Constrictor 100mm wheels. Whatever your wheel preference, you'll be riding in comfort thanks to the high quality urethane.

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