The Jed Board (AWD)

The Jed Board (AWD)

Jed Boards

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The Jed AWD is a beast of a board.

It is the board you take with you to climb the steepest hills in San Francisco. The AWD is a similar experience to the Jed Dual as they share the same components, however the AWD has a drive-train and battery on either side of the deck. This leads to an authentic longboarding experience when you want it, with the option to slingshot yourself to top speed in a few seconds if you so desire. 

Top Speed - 38-48km/h (dependant on wheel used)

Power output - 2400w Continuous, 3600w peak

Range- up to 35km

Battery- 2* 150wh battery with USB output

Charge time- 90 minutes (1 hour to 80%)

Weight- 9kg

Drivetrain- Quad motor helical gear drive. 

Standard wheels- Orangatang Kegels 83a

Standard Bearings- Boa Black Belly ceramic bearings

Standard Bushings- Orangatang Nipples, medium

Trucks used on drivetrains- 7075-T6 CNC trucks with stainless steel axle, Caliber baseplates

Hardware- Dacromet coated stainless steel