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The Jed Board battery pack gives you up to 25km range on your Jed Board Jr/Dual. When using two packs on the Jed Board AWD you can expect up to 40km range. Our packs are made from a fire resistant fibre reinforced polymer and resistant to impact and shock. The battery pack is rated at 144Wh and you can travel with up to two packs per person (some airlines may require prior approval).

  • 5Ah / 144Wh nominal capacity
  • Built using Sony/Murata VTC5 battery cells
  • USB-C output up to 11W
  • Discharge temperature -20°C to +60°C
  • Charging temperature 0°C to +45°

Please note that whilst the battery pack has been designed to an IP65 rating it is not waterproof, do not submerge it underwater or it may explode.

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Safety is paramount

The Jed Board battery pack is designed with many safety systems to keep you protected at all times. Featuring multiple protection measures that keep track of the state of the pack at all times, keeping it operating safely. It's housed in a fire proof casing to keep the pack safe in the unlikely event of a thermal runaway.

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