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About the Jed Board

The Jed Board was designed to perform and feel like a regular longboard. Our unique Jed Drive™ allows the board to freely roll with very minimal resistance compared with traditional electric skateboards and longboards.

Our unique drivetrain offers an almost maintenance free experience, and unlike traditional belt driven skateboards, it doesn't require you to constantly be changing belts. Hub motor skateboards and longboards can compromise on your ride integrity by using very thin urethane sleeves on the wheels. The Jed Board features full 80mm (and 100mm) urethane wheels made by Orangatang, some of the best urethane in the industry.

The Jed Board
The Jed Drive™ provides incredible efficiency, and thanks to this we're able to use smaller and lighter motors that are able to output 6Nm of torque directly to the wheel. This has been combined with Sony/Murata Lithium battery pack for a range of up to 25km on our dual motor board, and 35km on our all wheel drive board.

The Jed Board Deck

We've spent a considerable amount of time working on the Jed Board deck, engineering it to be responsive, lightweight and strong. It's built from vertically laminated bamboo that is sourced from the forests of Hunan province in China. Bamboo grows at a rate of up to 4 metres per week and is an incredibly versatile wood.

It takes on average 4 days to make one of our Jed Board bamboo decks. It goes through a number of treatments, and is finished by a mixture of computer controlled cutting machines and hand finishing and sanding.

The deck is then topped using a layer of crushed recycled glass which comes mainly from beer bottles. A urethane mixture is then mixed into the glass to keep it bonded with the deck, resulting in a clean and fresh looking board. The glass grip is less abrasive than regular grip tape and won't rip your clothes. 

The Jed Board Deck

The Jed Board Power unit

The Jed Board features an incredibly energy dense power unit, weighing in at only 1.4kg, it can take the Jed Board up to a top speed of 48km/hr (30mi/hr), and up to 25km (15 miles) per charge. The power unit is swappable and only takes a few seconds to detach from the board, without the use of tools.

The power unit features Japanese made batteries from Sony/Murata that are certified for UN38.3 and UL (pending).

Our cells are connected to a custom built BMS (Battery Management System) that ensures the pack performs as intended, monitoring voltages of individual cells as well as their temperatures to ensure they remain within safe limits at all times.

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