Here's a list of frequently asked questions. If there's something you don't see answered in this list, please get in touch and we'd happy to help answer any questions we can!

  • How much does the Jed Board weigh?
    The Dual motor Jed Board weighs 6.4kg / 14.11lb and the All Wheel Drive board weighs in at 7.6kg / 16.76lb.
  • How long is the Jed Board deck?
    The standard Jed Board deck is 42"/106cm long. The Jr deck is 34.5"/88cm long
  • What is the top speed of the Jed Board?
    Both the Dual motor and All Wheel Drive Jed Boards features a maximum top speed of 40km/hr when running the standard Kegel wheels. If customers upgrade to the larger Boa Constrictor wheels, they can see top speed increases up to 48km/h
  • What type of battery does the Jed Board use?
    The Jed Board uses a swappable Sony/Maruta Lithium Ion battery pack with a custom designed BMS (Battery Management System). The BMS ensures that cells run within their tolerances, and protects them from being overcharged and overdischarged. It monitors individual cell temperatures and voltages.
  • Where is the Jed Board made?
    The Jed Board is comprised of many parts from around the world, however, final assembly is done in our factory based in Shenzen, China.
  • What wheels can I use on the Jed Board?
    Right now the Orangatang Kegel wheels are able to fit, and our 100mm wheels with the same core. In future we will have other wheel options available to fit our Jed Drive.
  • Do I need to add grease to the Jed Drive?
    The nano lubricant used in the Jed Drive is designed to bond with the metal from the gears and should last on average around 1000km depending on how you ride. You can bring the board in for a quick lubrication to your local service centre. We will also sell lubrication kits for self maintenance.
  • Can I travel with my Jed Board?
    Yes, you can travel with the Jed Board. The battery on the Jed Board is rated at 150wh which can be carried onboard for most air travel. Most airlines allow you to carry 2 x 160wh battery packs with you not contained in equipment. This means you can carry a Jed Board Dual plus an extra battery or a Jed Board AWD. Due to the ever changing landscape around air travel and batteries the airline/airport will have the final say.
  • Can I ride the Jed Board in the rain?
    The Jed Board is IP65 certified. This means it is sealed for dust and dirt and can withstand water from all directions. Whilst you can ride in the wet, we really don't recommend it for safety reasons.