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August 11, 2018

We want to take this opportunity to apologise to our customers. We’ve been striving hard to meet our exceedingly tight deadlines for shipping and missed our July target. We know how disappointing this is to hear.

In the interest of maintaining our transparency with customers, we wanted to give you a detailed breakdown of where we are and what is currently holding us back from shipping the boards you’ve been waiting so patiently for. We know waiting is frustrating, and we are equally frustrated and disappointed that we haven’t got our customers riding yet.

Although delays are frustrating, we are glad that we are able to identify and solve issues before we shipped anything to customers. If we were to ship boards with issues and problems, customers would be more frustrated (and potentially put at risk).

We’re confident the production refinements that we’ve made to the boards will result in a product that far exceeds expectations.


The Jed Drive is a key component of the Jed Board and needs to last thousands and thousands of km of riding varied different conditions. The production changes and refinements made to the Jed Drive over the last several months have resulted in a quieter and more efficient drivetrain that will last for thousands of km’s.

We added seals on to all points of ingress to fully sealed from dust and water. Wheel swaps are as easy as swapping wheels on a regular longboard, and only require a skate tool.

The Jed Drive is production ready and machining is underway for the metal parts required to assemble the first 100 drivetrains for customer boards. Motors, trucks, bushings, wheels and bearings are already in stock and waiting ready for assembly.


Our battery production facility has been hard at work producing and testing battery packs and chargers for us. Testing has resulted in battery packs that far exceed our expectations in terms of performance, reliability and safety.

Our chargers feature smart communication with our BMS that ensure that charging takes place in the safest possible manner and ensures batteries aren't charged if the pack is too hot.

Our previous chargers (left) were limited to 3.6A charging and would require a bulkier enclosure and fan for charging at higher rates and lacked communication with our BMS. Our new charger (right) is able to charge at 4A providing up to 80% charge in 45 minutes without a fan and communicates with the BMS to ensure safe and reliable charging.

Our battery packs are slightly wider than our previous iteration, however they are safer and feature a higher discharge rate, offering almost double the amount of torque. Our new production packs are designed with UL certification and feature multiple protection circuits keeping you safe at all times of operation. Thanks to the new onboard USB port, you can also now charge your devices at up to 2.2A from your battery pack.

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All our testing has proved extremely positive, and we're very confident in the packs being produced for customer boards.

We're ramping up production of packs with our suppliers and there are a few tooling parts that have a lead time of around 20 days. Battery cells are in stock and we're producing enough packs for the first 100 boards with extra batteries that customers have ordered.

The battery pack on the left was our previous pack utilising our opti-link connector, unfortunately due to a number of issues with reliability we replaced it with a hard wired connection for pack communication.

The pack on the right features our new Sony/Murata cells and with custom designed cell holders, along with potting to ensure water protection even in the event our seals fail and water gets into the enclosure. The enclosure is a sample and the final injection moulded enclosures are being produced using PA6+25% glass fill.

Estimates from our manufacturer for the finished packs are around 20-35 days.

The previous locking mechanism used to secure the battery packs under extreme circumstances failed and caused the packs to eject from the deck. To combat this, we have redesigned the locking mechanism used. We now use a 7075-T6 aluminium rail mounted to the deck and a custom Dzus style fastener to lock the battery to the ESC enclosure.

Due to the difficulty of anodising 7075 aluminium, these prototype parts were not treated for this limited test run, however the production rails will be anodised black.


One of the biggest things we've been asked about is the remote control for the Jed Board. We've spent a lot of effort testing, tweaking and refining the remote controller for production. 

We're happy to say that the software is working to the point where we are comfortable with a v1 release. Encryption works as expected, pairing is fast, and we can maintain a steady BLE connection (we've performed continuous connectivity tests for periods of 48 hours at a time), and we've made improvements to the refresh rate of the ePaper display used.

The biggest thing we've changed though for production is the shape. We heard a lot of feedback from users and testers that they thought the shape wasn't quite right. We took this feedback on board and have been quietly working on a revised design which we are now proud to show off.

The remote features the same ePaper display, wheel operation and sensing technology, but we've made substantial improvements to the overall design, shape and way we build the remotes.

The sensing pad is now at the front of the remote and features a single sensor that is able to detect your hand across the entire front of the remote, so no matter how you hold it, the remote can detect you.

We've increased the width and comfort of the thumb wheel to give better control and feeling, and the distance in which the wheel travels has been adjusted for more precise input.

Simplifying the internals we've reduced everything down to a single PCB, compared to the two we previously had. We've also come up with an elegant side light solution that is far improved compared to our previous iteration. This new sidelight allows us to adjust its intensity with software, so you can tweak the brightness to your liking.

Our partial display refresh is also now much improved and can redraw parts of the screen within 1-2ms with minimal ghosting.

Production tooling for the remote is underway and expected to be completed in around 20 days time.

The next full update will feature a range test along with some hill climbing and power tests.

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