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February 11, 2018

We have an exciting little announcement for the Jed Board family today.

Our team has been growing rapidly over the last few months, in anticipation of getting our first boards ready to ship to customers.

And without you - our customers - Jed Boards wouldn't be in the exciting position that we are today. So, once again, I'd like to personally thank you for your support.

To all our customers, partners and suppliers in China - 恭喜发财 (Gong xi fa cai) - we hope the new year is prosperous!

We've been working hard throughout the Chinese New Year, preparing for full-scale manufacturing - which will begin as soon as everyone returns from their break.

But today, we have some exciting new announcements to share - starting with a new board in our lineup.

Introducing the Jed Jr

We've listened to our customers and testers over the last year and heard you asking for one feature above all others.

You wanted the option of a shorter board.

So, we've thought long and hard about the options and changes that we could make to accommodate a shorter board, without compromising our core beliefs.

A Jed Board should always be fast, safe, practical - and feel just like a regular longboard.

So say hello to the Jed Jr.

The Jed Jr includes:

  • 34.5" long by 9.6" wide deck
  • W concave and rocker, to maintain the Jr's stability and carve
  • Vertically laminated bamboo and recycled glass grip
  • Jed Drive with swappable batteries

Don't let its size fool you. The Jed Jr is not to be underestimated.

The Jed Jr enjoys the same top speed as the rest of the Jed Board family, with the same range as the Jed Dual (up to 30km on a single charge).

However, the shorter wheelbase delivers a more lively ride and a tighter turning circle - making it a great choice for your urban commute.

The Jed Jr's bamboo deck will be stiffer than the Jed Dual and AWD options - so someone seeking a plush ride should look at one of the Jed Board models instead.

The Jed Jr is available to any customer who has pre-ordered a Jed Dual. You'll find it as a selectable option in your final balance email.

So, Jed Boards now offer three rides that can be configured:

  • Jed Jr
  • Jed Board Dual
  • Jed Board AWD

The Jed Jr is an exciting, dynamic riding experience that would be an ideal match for commuters and anyone looking for a particularly responsive downhill machine.

The Jed Jr is available for pre-order today for $1099.

A closeup of our Remote

An electric longboard remote is a vital part of the riding experience. Each Jed Board is packed full of innovative technology.

But it's only when its features work in unison and feel invisible, that our riders will be satisfied with their experience.

And the remote is what brings the party together. That's why we're so excited to share our remote with you today.

Our team have invested many hours developing our remote, to ensure that it exceeds all expectations. Straight out of the box.

As with any intuitive interface, a huge amount of engineering effort has been required to craft an experience that feels deceptively effortless and simple. And naturally, we had to take a fresh approach.

We started by simplifying the design to a single wheel - the perfect way to operate each Jed Board.

Simply picking up our remote turns your device on. The handle includes an inbuilt touch sensor, which knows when you're in control of the remote and allows it to power-up.

Even when the remote is powered on, the wheel will only work when you're physically holding the remote, to eliminate any unintended acceleration.

And after two minutes of inactivity, the remote automatically powers down - until you pick it up again.

In fact, the touch sensor only responds to human skin, so it can't be activated by touching other objects. But don't worry, we've designed it to work with gloves - so you can ride on chilly winter mornings too.

We supply a lanyard with the remote, although it also include an intelligent safety feature, which recognises if the remote is no longer in contact with a human and starts to slow the board down - bringing you to a safe stop.

These features are all part of our commitment to providing as safe a riding experience as possible for every Jed Board customer.

Charging the remote is also simple, using its USB Type C port.

The remote's inbuilt 18650 cell battery can run for around 30 days on a single charge - allowing you to charge less and ride more.

An an e-paper display provides the remote with a clear, attractive screen that draws less power than traditional displays - improving battery life and enhancing the user experience.

Finally we utilise Bluetooth Low Energy with tightly controlled power settings to ensure great connectivity with full encryption at all times.

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