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November 09, 2017

This week has seen continued work on finishing the revised remote hardware design. We've almost finished the layout and placement of components, after this comes connecting all the traces and then we can begin to fabricate test PCBs and begin the next round of testing.

The remote features a USB type C port for charging and we've changed up the onboard battery to use a LiFePO4 18650 cell inside to ensure that we get the most life out of a single charge. We've calculated around 6-8 hours/day usage for approximately 30 days from a single charge. When sitting idle and unused the LiFePO4 cell will ensure minimal battery discharge.

To control the remote, we are using a custom made wheel that uses a hall sensor to detect its position, so we can give precise control input when riding.

Our Texas Instruments radio module simplifies our overall design and allows us to use a single MCU. After the traces are complete and the first boards are fabricated, we can start porting our existing code over to the new MCU and testing. Texas Instruments provide great IDE's that means we can work fast on porting everything over.

In other news, we're starting to receive the first samples of our 100mm Constrictor wheels from Labeda in California. These wheels are 100mm with a 65mm contact patch, providing immense grip over almost anything you ride on. We're testing different formula changes to find exactly the right riding experience we're after, once this is all tested we can begin to mass produce the wheels. It takes around 45-60 days to mass produce the wheels.

The green is just a sample urethane, it's not the final wheel colour! We're aiming for a dark purple wheel.

That's the update for this week, more information coming, please stay tuned!


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