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February 16, 2018

We have exciting new features and improvements to announce for the Jed Board range, ahead of our launch in late March.

Our team’s been busy testing the boards and getting feedback from riders, which we’ve used to drive some exciting improvements - ahead of starting full-scale production and delivery to our awesome customers.

Here’s a roundup of the changes we’ve made over the last six months, starting with major revisions to the core technology of the Jed Board - its drivetrain.

The Jed Drive, refined

Our drivetrain is unique among electric longboards, using a gearbox which feels closer to a true longboard experience than belt (or hub) drive, allowing the board to roll freely, and requiring less maintenance.

We’ve spent months engineering refinements to the Jed Drive, which are based on priceless feedback that we gained throughout 2017, while testing our boards with riders around the world.

The result?
A simpler, smoother and quieter Jed Board.

Our engineering team spent countless hours, weeks and months testing, prototyping and revising the drivetrain - and we’re proud and excited with the results.

Noise reduction

We heard you. Early customer feedback suggested the Jed Drive was producing a few unpleasant vibrations and loud noises, mainly while accelerating. And we’re pleased to announce a huge reduction in vibrations and noise, due to our our latest changes.

Improved customer maintenance

Our drivetrains new, simpler design allows easier customer maintenance. For example, wheels on all our boards can now be switched out as easily and quickly as on a regular longboard.

Power Systems are go

Our Jed Boards feature bespoke, industry-leading power technologies that offer a unique level of safety, flexibility and performance to our customers.

Swappable batteries for your riding pleasure

Our battery packs use high-quality Panasonic cells and swap out in seconds - so you can keep riding. We’ve tested our packs extensively to ensure that they’re safe and will withstand the harsh environments that a lifetime of riding will put them under.

Bespoke battery management system

Our engineers built a Battery Management System (BMS) that controls energy distribution and relays accurate battery data across every Jed Board.

Now, every rider can track their battery charge and cycle count from the remote, the battery - or the Jed App that will be available on the iOS and Android store, ahead of our launch.

Super-tough battery protection

Our battery pack and remote enclosures are built from a glass-reinforced nylon material made by DuPont. This material is far stronger than regular ABS plastic and offers additional benefits, including excellent stability at extreme temperatures. So, even in the unlikely event that our other safety measures fail, our enclosure creates a protective firewall between the deck and the rider.

Flexing the deck

All the power on the planet would count for nothing, without a great deck.

And our engineering team and manufacturing partners have made a range of improvements to our deck, to make it even better.

Our bamboo deck now features a more aggressive camber, for a responsive flex profile.

We've also added additional concave and a subtle W to the deck, which helps to keep you locked into the deck when carving and to maintain comfort.

Finally, we’ve tweaked the positioning of the trucks, giving a slightly longer wheelbase - which provides even more stability when riding at higher speeds.


As Chinese New Year wraps and everyone starts returning from their holidays, we will begin working with our manufacturing partners to start producing components for us to assemble the first 10 boards.

These first boards will be put through rigorous testing and QC processes to ensure all our systems work as expected and that our customers will have a great out of box experience.

Once these have passed the test, we will produce and ship the first batch of 100 customer boards. The second batch will begin in April and we expect to start shipping between 200-500 boards per month from May onwards.

Once we have fulfilled all of our pre-order customers, we will begin fulfilment to our global distribution warehouses. Our global warehouses allow us to fulfil orders locally for customers ordering from our online stores as well as provide local stock and parts for our retail and service partners.

This coming week we will be reaching out to our pre-order customers and start finalising your orders, including any additional purchases such as batteries.

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