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November 02, 2017

This week, some the team has been in New Zealand in the south island doing more testing in various conditions of both the dual motor and all wheel drive Jed Boards. The amazing Benon (our official Jed photographer) has been there to document the trip, and we're really excited to share the results. The views around Queenstown and the south island are breathtaking.

We took our boards to Baldwin Street in Dunedin to stress test every component by attempting to climb the extremely steep and long hill. It's considered the longest and steepest street in the world at around 350m (1148ft) in length and an average grade of 37% (20 degrees). We were very impressed with the results, and will be releasing a number video soon on YouTube.

Production update

Everyone is absolutely keen to see our finished remote, as are we to show it off. The last few weeks we've been stress testing the remotes and ensuring they comply with various regulations worldwide. We've unfortunately hit a bit of a snag with our radio certification and design and it requires a number of changes which we begun last week.

Building a reliable and safe radio connection for control of our Jed Board is our utmost priority, at the same time we need to ensure we can ship to our amazing customers in a timely fashion.

We've selected a new radio module made by Texas Instruments that offers us immediate worldwide certification, and simplifies our overall hardware design. This radio allows us to continue offering a reliable and stable connection, with frequency hopping, plus AES encryption. We expect to be finished with the preliminary design in the next 2 weeks and can begin the next round of testing.

Have an amazing weekend!

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