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January 29, 2018

Welcome to 2018 - which promises to be a big year for JedBoards, our customers, and the fast-moving electric longboard market!

The last year has been challenging and rewarding. We’re really excited for the next steps we’re undertaking - both as a company and as an evolution of the electric longboard.

We've worked hard to make the Jed Board everything we imagined.

And we couldn't be more excited to start deliveries to our amazing customers - who have been patient and understanding the entire time.

Without your loyalty, none of this would have happened.

Reflecting on 2017

Jed Boards grew throughout the year.

We’re proud that our team has now grown to 13 talented members, who are working around the clock to deliver our evolutionary electric longboard.

Unfortunately, we missed several deadlines we’d set for ourselves and our customers. We apologise and appreciate your understanding on this issue.

We’re dedicated to delivering the best electric longboard experience on the market.

However, we also recognise how important it is to stick to our timeline, so that each customer can start enjoying the benefits of their Jed Board as quickly as possible.

So, we’ve implemented new strategies and employed several talented people to help deliver and project manage the Jed Board to our customers - both on-time and to the high standards we’ve set.

Introducing some of the latest Jed Board team members

  • Alex Gmanages and coordinates our engineering team to ensure that every stage is delivered on time and to specification.
  • Sergey Nis our Lead Electrical Engineer and handles everything related to electronics, including the Jed Board motor controller, battery management system and remote control.
  • Sergey Sis our Lead Engineer and is responsible for working with our mechanical and electrical engineers to ensure everything integrates together.
  • Sergey Wis our Lead Mechanical Engineer and responsible for detailed mechanical work such as the Jed Drive.
  • Luke T is our New Zealand Team Rider and responsible for looking after customers in New Zealand and product testing.
  • Warren J is our Australian Team Rider and looks after Australian customers,including retail partners as well as product testing.
  • Alex N is our content wizard, and responsible for building our content strategy and ensures that all communication is in sync.

Taking Jed Board’s manufacturing online

        We’ve tested our component suppliers with small runs of manufacturing throughout 2017.

        It’s important that our suppliers don’t just pass our internal quality-control demands - but also meet our auditing standards when it comes to taking care of their staff and providing regular maintenance on any machinery they operate.

        We're proud to announce that our contracts are confirmed with all our component suppliers, and we’ve begun ordering the parts required to begin assembly and manufacturing of Jed Boards.

        2018 will be a big year for electric longboards and the esk8 community - and our team here at Jed Boards cannot wait to see our customers riding their new boards.

        What’s next for Jed Boards?

        Our team has been working hard to ensure that every component meets our high standards, by pulling 12-hour days and consulting with our manufacturing partners throughout the process.

        The drivetrain has been refined and improved, with significant benefits for assembly and customer maintenance - and a substantial reduction in noise.

        Our production motors are now fully sealed, which further enhances the durability of each Jed Board.

        We’ve also designed and built a new battery management system from the ground-up, which offers exciting benefits for each Jed Board owner:

        • Protection for each swappable battery pack.
        • Health-monitoring for each battery cell.
        • State of charge tracking.
        • An electronic fuel gauge, which gives each rider an accurate battery level indicator.

        Providing safe and reliable battery information for the Jed Board’s core systems - including the remote control - also helps to ensure a reliable and safe ride at all times.

        We anticipate our first production samples will be ready just after Chinese New Year.

        We will immediately test them - and once we’re happy that each board meets our standards, we can begin mass production on our customer boards and start deliveries!

        We’re stoked to be so close to delivering the first Jed Boards to our customers.

        We will be sending out surveys and invoices for the final balance of each board in the next several weeks, which gives you the chance to choose options, including wheels and accessories.

        Once again, we cannot thank you enough for sticking with us and sharing this journey together.

        We cannot wait to see you enjoying your new Jed Boards.

        Stay tuned for more updates and detailed pictures, later this week.

        Be a part of the Journey