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Firstly, our entire team would like to wish all our customers and partners a happy new year for 2020. Thank you for your continued support!.

As an extension to our previous blog, we’ve been laser focused on wrapping up the fixes to our firmware so that we can resume shipping to our customers. These changes are necessary as a result of discovering a potential safety issue regarding a connection drop state that some of our early customers who received their boards experienced. It has taken exceptionally longer than we had anticipated and we sincerely apologise. At no point do we ever compromise on customer safety and we would like to thank our customers and partners for holding us to this standard.

We have completed and tested critical firmware changes for the Jed Board remote and board and are confident in resuming deliveries with the improvements we have made.

What was the hold up again?

Our remote and board, utilise radios designed by Texas Instruments. The particular radio they recommended when we began development was entering the market and an early version. Our initial launch firmware was written using the official Software Development Kit (SDK) which was compatible with several revisions of this radio. However, the final market revision of the radio replaced all prior revisions and depends on an entirely new version of the SDK that is incompatible with the earlier versions of the same radio.

The revised radio is great because custom functions we relied on have been implemented officially into the hardware and SDK to improve performance and code maintenance! However, adapting our early firmware from the earlier SDK to the market release SDK vision proved to be a slower migration as we traced down redundancies and incompatibilities between the chip and SDK versions.

We are confident in the results, but we acknowledge that all remotes and boards with earlier radio chips require a careful upgrade to the current revision. This is a labour intensive and delicate process and we appreciate your patience!


Boards that have been sitting in boxes for some time are being inspected and serviced. We will begin to progressively ship out boards in batches as they are completed to avoid further delays. As previously stated, orders are shipped in the priority they were received: first to last.

Chinese New Year is now among us and our workers are expected to return February 5th, however with the recent Wuhan virus outbreak in China our team is currently in lockdown.


Our sister company, Boa Wheels had been in hibernation for some time due to supply issues from a previous vendor. We made the complex shift to bring production in-house to provide us with greater control over the design and manufacturing of our wheels. Follow production progress on our Instagram!

Our team of experts have worked hard behind the scenes to continue to create and deliver the highest quality urethane wheels for our customers. The custom Hemotox urethane formula customers have grown to know and love has been further improved and we hope our long time riders can tell the subtle differences we have imparted. 

We could have stopped at the thane, but we also made our core even better. The stronger and lighter (10 gram reduction!) core with a new precision bearing seat keeps wheels true. Our Boa V2 wheel cores and urethane make for some outstanding Boa wheels, available in 80, 90 and 100mm sizes.

A large production batch of our new V2 Boa wheels has just been completed and will be available on our website in February. Due to popular demand, the white versions shall be available first with a range of new colours in the coming months.

If you’ve selected additional Boa Wheels wheels with your Jed Board order, they will be shipped out together. Boa Wheels are produced in the same location as Jed Boards.


We understand the absolute frustration it’s been for our customers waiting this long for their boards. We’ve spent a great deal of time, energy and resources in producing them, however it’s never been our intention for delivery to be as delayed as it has been. We have faced many challenges along the way, forcing us to think on our feet and adapt to situations beyond our control.  Going through this process has given us perspective and we will be aiming to better ourselves to deliver the best products and support we can.

Every effort has been put into the safety and reliability of our boards, with our whole team being not only creators of products but passionate riders helping to deliver you a quality ride with peace of mind.

Will the boards still be relevant in 2020?

Absolutely. Even though we have taken longer than expected to bring our products to market, we still believe that our boards have features that are ahead of the curve.

Battery Protection:
With multi stage battery protection circuits and regenerative current protection, our boards can brake downhill on a full charge, eliminating any failures or shutdowns of the motor controller, keeping you safe.

Our batteries have been tested from -40C to +60C and enclosed in a fire resistant housing. No wires are used in the construction of our battery pack, which has been built to exceed UL standards.

Ease of Service:
We’ve designed our motors to be quickly swapped in the event of servicing, with one cable required for a complete drivetrain set.

Light Weight:
Our boards start at 6.4kg, which in perspective is quite light for the performance and features offered.

There are many advancements that we have made that we believe will keep our customers riding happy for years to come, which is why we offer a standard 24 month warranty.

Our remote features capacitive touch sensors, which eliminates the need for physical buttons which can become prone to issues and water ingress. This along with a USB C charging port, long life 18650 battery cell, and ePaper display provide a convenient user experience.

OTA Updates:
Customers will be able to upgrade to the latest firmware via OTA (over the air) firmware updates as we further improve the products over time. The public release of the Android and iOS app is in progress, and will also expand its features and rider engagement as few features are added.

Easy wheel swap:
Our drive train is capable of swapping out wheels in a matter of seconds, allowing riders to quickly change to the appropriate wheel selection for their terrain.

Fly to new heights:
With just 16 cells, we extract a serious amount of range and performance from our battery packs, while remaining within the limits for safe airline approved travel (All our boards can be travelled with). Jed loves a holiday just as much as you do.

Our high quality 100% bamboo decks have been lovingly crafted to provide the perfect mix of strength and flex.

The core of the Jed experience is to preserve the feel and ride like a traditional longboard. We offer class leading free-roll, which belts and hub motors can not replicate.