Get acquainted with

your new best friend

Forget being stuck in traffic or fighting the crowds with public transport, and say hello to the Jed Board. The Jed Board was designed to get you where you need to go, reliably and every time. Built as a vehicle it will be the last one you ever need.

Forget about range anxiety, and get where you need to

The Jed Board features our unique and patent pending Jed Drive™. Unlike other electric skateboards that use belts or motors in the wheel, the Jed Drive™ is built around an all metal gearbox just like in your car. It provides incredible efficiency and free rolling, lets you use regular longboard wheels and offers a real world range of up to 25km per charge on our airline friendly swappable 144Wh batteries.

A remote like nothing else

The Jed Board remote was designed to be simple. You pick it up to get going, there's no buttons. It's equipped with the latest radio technology offering interference resilience and the highest levels of encryption. The ePaper display gives you clear information in any lighting condition, and the large LiFePO4 battery gives you up to 30 days of continuous usage per charge.

Power meets safety

With a total of up to 4kW power (AWD) and 40km/hr top speed (80mm wheels), the Jed Board packs a punch to tackle the steepest of hills in a flash. What's all that power if you can't use it safely? That's why we designed a safety system into our brakes that allows the board to stop even when the battery is fully charged. Our remote also features a safety mechanism that stops unintended acceleration when you're not holding it.