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Up to 30km per charge. Top speed 40km/hr. Swappable Batteries.

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Say goodbye to traffic jams and parking

The average trip in a car is under 10km. Why be stuck in traffic and paying for expensive parking when you can travel in style with your Jed Board.

Features at a glance

Dual and All Wheel Drive Options

The Jed Board comes in two flavours, dual and all wheel drive for unparalleled torque and power delivery. Both models features our advanced Jed Drive with traction control. Power is delivered smooth and reliably and our brakes offer the same smooth touch.

Free wheel like a regular longboard

Thanks to our innovative Jed Drive, unlike a traditional electric longboard, the Jed Board can roll like a regular unpowered board. Our Jed Drive is extremely efficient, which allows us to get up to 30km per charge from our dense power unit.

Keep on riding with swappable batteries

The Jed Board features a swappable battery pack that can be changed in a matter of seconds without the need for  tools. Our dual motor board can reach up to 30km per charge, and our all wheel drive up to 40km per charge. Quick charge in just 60 mins.

Two year warranty standard

We believe in doing the best for our customers, and we stand behind our products with a 2 year warranty as standard. This covers all aspects of your board with the exception of the wheels which are covered by a 1 year standard warranty.

IP65 Dust and Water Resistant

The Jed Board is IP65 certified and tested which means it can withstand splashes of water from all directions and is sealed from dust. Whilst you can ride in wet conditions, due to increase safety risk, we don't recommend doing so.

Orangatang Purple Kegels

Fit standard on the Jed Board are 80mm Orangatang Kegel wheels. These wheels are in our opinion one of the best wheels out there with a wide 56mm contact patch for increased grip and traction, and 83a durometer to roll over most surfaces.

Advanced remote control

Designed to fit snugly in your hand, with a sharp and clear ePaper display that is visible in direct sunlight. Utilising AES-256bit encryption and frequency hopping technology ensures a stable and smooth connection to your Jed Board at all times.

Boa Black Belly Ceramic Bearings

Fit standard on every Jed Board are Boa Black Belly ceramic bearings. Featuring Silicon Nitride ceramic balls, and a corrosion proof enclosure. Inbuilt spacers and speed rings, mean wheel swaps are pain free.

100% Bamboo deck

We spent a great deal of time engineering the deck of the Jed Board to be responsive and comfortable. It's made from 100% vertically laminated bamboo, sourced from the forests of Hunan, and uses a number of new and old world techniques.

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