The Jed Board

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The Jed Board.

The Jed Board is engineered to provide an incredible riding experience thanks to our Jed Drive™. All wheel drive, traction control and onboard sensors provide you with efficient and safe power delivery with a top speed of up to 40km/hr and up to 30km range on a single charge. With our hot swappable batteries you can keep going.

With one motor per wheel, the Jed Board delivers constant traction and power to tackle the steepest of hills. Several hundred times per second the Jed Board monitors how fast each wheel is going, and should one wheel slip due to a loss of traction, the Jed Board safely brings the wheel back to the same speed as the others ensuring you never lose traction.

The Jed Drive™

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The Jed Drive.

Unlike other electric skateboards on the market that rely on a belt to drive the wheels or a motor inside the wheel, the Jed Board features a unique direct drive system that efficiently delivers a maintenance free power train that is protected from the elements.

The Jed Drive unit doesn't interfere with the wheels like a hub motor, ensuring you have full use of the grip on the wheels. The Jed Board uses Orangatang Kegel 80mm wheels with a firm urethane to ensure amazing grip when you ride.

The Jed Remote

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The Jed Remote.

The Jed Board uses a custom designed remote control that makes it so easy to ride. No cramp inducing "dead man" switches in order to make the board move, instead we have a unique sensor that detects when your hand is holding the remote, allowing you to focus on riding.

Combined with the Jed mobile application, you can configure the remote control to provide you with smart turn by turn navigation instructions for riding to your destination.

The Jed Battery

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The Jed Battery.

The Jed Board uses Panasonic 18650 lithium ion batteries. These batteries have the most energy density available on the market. In fact they're so good that Tesla uses them in their Model S and Model X cars. They are among the safest and most stable batteries available today.

The batteries are housed in a glass filled nylon enclosure that moves with the deck of the Jed Board, ensuring everything stays completely protected..

The Jed Deck

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The Jed Deck.

The Jed Board deck is made from a solid core of vertically laminated bamboo. Most skateboards are made from veneers of maple. Unfortunately maple takes a long time to regrow after the trees are cut down. Bamboo on the other hand grows at almost 1 metre every single day.

The Jed Board deck is made from a solid core of vertically laminated bamboo - the same technique they use in high end bamboo furniture - this gives you a super strong and flexible deck.

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